What we offer

Juridica offers the same expertise and range of services that you would expect from an in-house legal research department. Once engaged on your file, we work alongside you to assess your client’s case, provide timely and reliable advice on the state of the law, and develop the best arguments that your case will support to put before the court or to represent your client in mediation/negotiations.

In contrast to big firm or in-house legal departments, however, Juridica’s outsourced model allows us to operate with limited overhead, at rates that are advantageous for you and your client. The result is efficient, cost-effective research and drafting support, without sacrificing quality of work.

We subscribe to all major legal database services in Canada and Quebec, and are fully versed in the use of resources and methodologies needed for comprehensive coverage of relevant case law, legislation and commentary.

Services are tailored to the requirements and budget of your file. In addition to researching and analyzing the law relevant to your case, Juridica can also provide you with:

  • Legal opinions and memoranda summarizing the state of the law;
  • Legal briefs to be filed with the court or mediator/arbitrator;
  • Appeal facta;
  • Quantum/damage assessments;
  • Reporting letters/emails or other materials used to advise clients;
  • Review, organization and analysis of factual elements of a file to identify issues and determine available evidence;
  • Contract review and contract drafting;
  • Translation (French to English) of contracts, judgments, articles, pleadings and other documents;
  • Co-authoring of articles or conference papers.